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There are 3 main problems that, almost every entrepreneur  have to deal with, while you build a business.

  1. The FEAR Of Failure
  2. The FEAR Of Success
  3. Self-Doubt

In this blog post, I’ll give you some tips that will help you deal with “The FEAR Of Failure”

Most people, that start a home business, have a work background as employees. They were always working in a state of mind that dictates, their behavior. And this state of mind is very simple…

It doesn’t matter if you succeed or fail, so do whatever you have to do and don’t care about the result.

So when they decide to start a home business, most likely by joining an MLM company, they’re starting to think…

“What if I fail? How am I supposed to see my wife in the eyes and tell her that it didn’t come out as I was expecting it”

This is human nature and that’s exactly the reason, that the first thing I suggest to any new student, is to build the right mindset.

Let me give you some examples about it…

Example #1

When people are born, they can’t speak, eat, understand, walk, drive, etc…

So what kids are doing? They find someone who owns exactly what they want (mostly their parents) and try to learn from them, without having any fears about failure, because they don’t think of it at all, DO YOU GET IT?

It’s the same with a business. When you start, you have no clue about what to do in order to expand it, manage it and eventually make it big. So you have to find the right people to guide and teach you. This is exactly I did by joining this Mastermind and I learned to move forward without having any second thoughts about failure.

Example #2

If we knew everything the day we were born, then there wouldn’t be any reason to attend University. The only way to learn new skills is to follow a specific training program, right? And when you do that, you don’t have in your mind the fact that you’re gonna fail in the exams, right? Now give me a reason, WHY you’re thinking about failure when you start a new business and you go through a specific training?

There is no such thing like failure… You either WIN or LEARN, this is the truth!!!

Let me know your thoughts below!!!


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