If you’re one of those people that can walk up to a complete stranger, strike up a conversation out of nowhere and gently force them to a point where they eagerly want to give you their phone number, then this blog post may not gonna help you.

I knew someone that it was like this in the past…

This guy had that magnetic personality and he could easily recruit anyone he wanted. That doesn’t mean also that these people would stick around but he was showing people every week what is possible and I got to admit, that he was a master at prospecting.

The problem is that i wasn’t like that and I had to find a solution, which I found and I’m sharing it with you in this video.

If everything I’m mentioning above is possible, would it be worth it taking a look?

If your answer is yes… here you go

To your success,

Evan Dimitrakopoulos

Skype: vagelis.dimitrakopoulos
Email: evan@evandimitrakopoulos.com

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Evan Dimitrakopoulos - A.K.A. "The InstaMan" He is passionate about working with Network Marketers, Home Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, helping them successfully build their business. In his spare time he loves to cook, playing music and play with his kids.