Network Marketing Lead Generation is a serious skill you need to learn, if you’re dead serious about succeeding in Network Marketing.

95% of people involved with Network Marketing quit after a few months, because they’re running out of offline prospects, as a result to their lack on Network Marketing Lead Generation.

Here’s how it goes…

No Prospects = No Potential Clients = No Sales = No Business….

That’s the truth, BUT you won’t hear any leader of the industry saying this, while they’re using other strategies to generate every single day, fresh new leads for their business.

So, how can you solve this and start generating a steady stream of leads for your Network Marketing business daily?

You’re probably thinking, “I’m not tech savvy”, “Why people will ever hear what I have to say?”, etc…

Probably that’s everyone’s though before they start, seems like it’s in human nature to be afraid of the unknown but it’s also the only way to grow!!!

Therefore here’s what you need, for Network Marketing Lead Generation Online.

  1. A capture page building system, or even better a sales funnel building system, like this
  2. An email autoresponder system, like GetResponse Or Aweber
  3. A lead magnet, here’s a short tutorial to quickly crank out lead magnets
  4. A content creation strategy and strong presence all over the place (video creation, blogging, social media posts, articles, etc)
  5. And finally you need high quality pre-qualified Traffic, here’s a FREE webinar on how to get the best traffic, with 10 minutes of work a day

There are 2 ways to do it (Manually or AutoPilot)

Both of the ways have their ups and downs…

So let’s talk about the manually way where you need to…

  • Invest money and hours, to learn how to use all these systems.
  • Create every single day content about your business, so you can become an authority and attract prospects to you.
  • Have a team in place to manage everything for you.

In other words, it can be very hard to run a business, using all these tools for Network Marketing Lead Generation…

In addition, anyone who’s starting fresh in this business, has to learn all this stuff before they see some results????

That’s not the perfect solution, right? I mean… who wants to work for months to set up everything before they generate their first lead online?

I’ve been there and I know how it feels…

Believe me, when I discovered the online world, I felt so frustrated, because I couldn’t understand how this whole thing works.

I put up hours of hard work, watched countless webinars, bought several courses and after 6 months I almost quit, because I couldn’t get the results I needed.

I realized that even if you use the best tools, if you don’t have someone to guide you and setup a strategy to follow, therefore you’re lost!!!

I needed coaching along with everything else.

But how do you find someone to coach you?

It’s easy if you ask me… You’re asking around for coaching suggestions.

As a result i’m sure, that you’ll find some amazing people to coach you and at the same time they’ll charge you an extremely high amount of money…

That’s something I’ve also tried with no luck, because the coaching I was getting wasn’t fulfilling my expectations.

BUT what if I told you, there is something I discovered after long research that finally delivers everything I mentioned above all in one place…

In conclusion let’s wrap everything up

  • A capture page/sales funnel creation system
  • A content creation platform (blog)
  • Several Done For You lead magnets
  • They take care of your leads, by emailing them on a consistent base on your behalf
  • Exclusively 1-on-1 coaching to set up your business
  • The exact formula to start getting quality traffic
  • And that’s not all…

You could easily say that this is impossible, right?

Maybe, it’s because you’ve burned yourself with false claiming and lots of hype that is happening online but on the other hand…

If everything I’m mentioning above is possible, would it be worth it taking a look?

If your answer is yes… here you go

To your success,

Evan Dimitrakopoulos

Skype: vagelis.dimitrakopoulos

Considering Coaching? Click at Work with Me tab and Survey and let’s get you started.

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Evan Dimitrakopoulos - A.K.A. "The InstaMan" He is passionate about working with Network Marketers, Home Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, helping them successfully build their business. In his spare time he loves to cook, playing music and play with his kids.