One of the most important factors of success in this industry, is the ability to generate leads online.

For example, as you probably are aware, most people starting in Network Marketing using the old school model which is:

  • Make a list of 100 people
  • Invite them to a presentation
  • Close them

This may work for some people, but the majority of people who use only this approach, after a while feeling frustrated and they are ready to quit. That’s a huge problem for leaders because they can’t duplicate their success, but nowadays everyone can generate fresh new leads on a daily basis using Internet Marketing strategies, that I’m going to analyze below.

So you may be asking, how can I generate an endless stream of leads online on a daily basis?

Here’s what I did, when I was struggling to find new prospects for my Network Marketing business.

I started doing my research, on how the Top Earners of Network Marketing companies were building their organisations, also I did research on how Affiliate Marketers were able to make money, etc

What I found out about how they were doing it, made my mind blown away…

They were using systems and tools, that they put to work for them. How cool is that?

I start thinking that…

  • No more hotel and home meetings were necessary
  • I could stop bugging friends and family to join me
  • No more frustration for me, because of the no shows
  • I would be able to stop those long 3 way calls, to convince people who weren’t really pre-qualified prospects

But how can I become like them?

Well to do the same thing, you need to know a thing… or two… and that’s the part that the non tech savvy people are afraid of.

First of all you need a capture page creation system. (I’ll explain what is this in a minute)

Then, you need an Autoresponder service, like GetResponse or Aweber that helps you build your list.

And finally… you need Traffic and not just any kind of traffic, but laser targeted traffic!!!

Learning how to find quality traffic for your niche is the key to success, but you don’t have to worry about it because I’ve got you covered with this FREE webinar, from my friend and mentor Tim Erway.

So, let’s get back to the Capture Page Creation system and let me explain what is it exactly?

You may have seen a web page like the one below…

Sample Capture Page

were you have to put your email address and get access to this FREE video.

This is a capture page, the e-mail you’re putting into it, is going to an autoresponder service and you get an email follow-up sequence, etc…

Once you built it up, it works 24/7 for you… without you being present!!! Isn’t that impressive?

Another important thing that you have to keep in mind, is that you have to narrow down your ideal customer and then start to broadcast your message (either it is a product or a business opportunity) to those people. This is something, that I personally paid a lot of money to learn it but it worth it 10x.

If you’ve reached that far means that you really looking to learn how to generate leads online, you’re ready to start building your own list which is one of the biggest assets of every single Top Earner.

To your success,

Evan Dimitrakopoulos

Skype: vagelis.dimitrakopoulos

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Evan Dimitrakopoulos - A.K.A. "The InstaMan" He is passionate about working with Network Marketers, Home Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, helping them successfully build their business. In his spare time he loves to cook, playing music and play with his kids.