The first time I heard Interruption Marketing & Permission Marketing didn’t really understand the differences between them…

in the end it’s all about marketing, right?

The main goal for every Network Marketer is to “talk to more people”, that’s what every successful Network Marketer says. And it makes perfect sense.

BUT there is a huge difference between attracting someone and asking for their permission to market your Network Marketing business to them and literally chasing them so you can sell “the dream”, hoping that someone will join your team.

Now let me be more specific on that..

What is Interruption Marketing?

Interruption Marketing strategy

It is the generic term for any marketing strategy that potential customers did not ask to receive. So everytime you’re using this strategy you basically interrupt people’s other activities in order to promote your business opportunity to them, right?.

Perfect examples of Interruption Marketing is TV commercials, people on the streets approaching you to sell a service, direct mail, phone calls to cold lists, or unsolicities text messages that endorse a product or service.

In the world of Network Marketing this could be prospecting in the Mall, talking to strangers on the road, prospecting the waiter, or in the online world sending unsolicited FB messenger messages, Instagram direct messages with links to join your business, posting on other people’s social media your links etc…

This strategy used to work very well in the past and allowed several people know huge success with Network Marketing and it may be still working really well for some people BUT not the majority.

The main reason for this, is people nowdays are doing a market research before they decide to buy anything so if you interrupt them while they’re doing something else, most of the times they’ll not pay any attention at all. In other words interruption marketing is a capital-intensive marketing strategy, targeting a wide audience with very limited return on investment.

If you apply it trying to grow your Network Marketing business, bear in mind that you’re setting up yourself for failure.

While there are hundrends of people who have made a fortune applying this strategy nowdays you have to act smart and basically have your prospects invite them to learn more about your business.

So if you’re currently applying any of the above strategies, you may want to re-consider your strategies and take a look at the concept of Permission Based Marketing I’m going to explain below…

What is Permission Marketing?

Permission Marketing Strategy

Permission based marketing is allowing the customer to be an active part of the marketing process and not just a passive recipient.

So the main goal in this case is to attract the right audience, according to the product or service you promote and educate those people before they buy.

A newer strategy in the Network Marketing industry lately representing this is Attraction Marketing.

Permission marketing gives you as a Network Marketer real permission—not just presumed permission—to deliver your messages to your targeted audience.

A great example of Permission Marketing is to give away FREE samples of your products or services and when people show interest you follow up with them.

In the online world, could be a FREE or very cheap (like $1) test period of your service and then follow up with them, using email services.

This could create a snowball effect and help you grow your Network Marketing business rapidly as you’ll learn in this FREE 10 Days Attraction Marketing Bootcamp.

This strategy often has a high conversion rate and can effectively target and engage very specific audiences. Through social media and website content, permission marketing can help you build strong and lasting relationships with customers and team members

If you’ve been around for a while you probably already know that Interruption marketing has been around for many years, but it is slowly falling out of favor as permission marketing carries the day, so now is the perfect time for you to learn how to do this properly with this FREE 10 Days Attraction Marketing Bootcamp.

Next Steps: Interruption vs Permission Marketing

So there you have it, I just explained you in plain words the differences between Interruption and Permission based Marketing along with how this FREE 10 Days Attraction Marketing Bootcamp can help you explode your Network Marketing business, build your brand and finally get the financially freedom you were always seeking.

No matter where you are at your business journey, either a newbie or a seasonal Networker, leveraging Attraction Marketing will be critical to the success of your business.

Questions? Comments?

Let me hear you…

Attraction Marketing
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