*Brand Yourself Online Without Branding Your Network Marketing Company*

If you take a look at the top recruiters in the Network Marketing Industry a.k.a. MLM Industry, you’ll notice something weird. You won’t find a clue, regarding the company they’re currently working with now or in the past… Strange thing, don’t you think?
I mean these people are making thousands or even millions per year, actively marketing a Network Marketing Company but you can’t find related information about which company is that…

So, you’re starting questioning yourself about how is it possible for you to market your Network Marketing company without mention it at all. Is it possible?

Of course it is, you have your proof, there are people who crushing it doing exactly this… BUT what is “this”?

They’ve build their Personal Brand and this is what they promote, instead of their Network Marketing’s Company brand. “Secret revealed”…

Now, let me walk you through the reasons to do something like that.

When you’ve started out, you’ve been taught that:

  1. “Everyone is a prospect”
  2. “Our company is the best”
  3. “Our compensation plan is the best”
  4. “You’re not in the sales business, but in the sorting business”
  5. “The product sells itself, all you have to do is to share it with your friends and everyone will say yes”
  6. and many more “mumbo jumbo” B.S.

I know, that all these sound very convincing the moment you’re looking for a way to make a couple of dollars “easy” because after all, you’re just sharing the “plan” and it’s a numbers game. The more people you talk the more you recruit… simple uh?

Well, here is what’s happening in the real world, the moment you start doing any of the activities I mentioned above.

  • Raises more resistance than curiosity on your prospects
  • Could get you in compliance trouble (if for example you’re marketing 2 different opportunities on the same social media channel, or even if you’re having 2 different YT channels for example, to promote your opportunities)
  • Seems pitchy and salesy… also shows people that you’re desperate to take their money away from their pocket
  • Tells too much information to your prospects, rendering you powerless to control the conversation and their following research. [revec2t text=”Most people aren’t actively looking to join a company but most people have problems to solve“]
So when you finish your chat, people Google the name of the company you just mentioned and guess what they find on the #1 page of Google… Negative media, news, social media posts talking trash about your company etc and they decide, before they even get really exposed to the opportunity.
This is the way media works (either online or offline).
So here’s what to do instead and crack the code.
  • Share the exact information that a higher percentage of people want (while you still laser targeting your audience)
  • Educate people on the benefits of using the products or the system and how this is gonna help them solve their problems (they want to learn more before they get sold)
  • Invest in yourself, Learn new skills, Teach other people the skills you’ve learned (the I.L.T. factor)
  • Provide more Free education, because this is what will build your business eventually

I’ll explain more on the last 2 proposals later, so keep reading.

But… people join Network Marketing to make money, right? So how are they suppose to make money, if they don’t actively talk about their Network Marketing business at all.

Well there’s a huge difference, between what you want and what you’ll get based on your actions.

Focusing on making money, inevitable lead you to seem desperate and people don’t like that.

So it is better to focus on helping people to understand the benefits of using your products or services.

Attracting more people to you BECAUSE you post a lot of FREE quality content, increases your odds of making more money out of your business.

But the question that always come out of everyone’s mouth, every time I’m sharing this strategy is “What to talk about, if I don’t talk about my business?”

The answer is simpler than you may think…

Instead of focusing on making sales in your marketing efforts, focus on attracting more people to you, by offering value to your target audience.

And here is a simple 3 Step Formula to apply in your business today and start seeing results.

  • Generate a Lead
  • Connect with a Lead
  • Determine the NEED they have and fulfil it

By following the previous 3 Step Formula, you’ll effectively build your raving fan base and have people Know, Like and Trust you, which is the 3 reasons people will want to work with you.

Most people that are actively involved with a Network Marketing company, you’ll notice that they’re not even trying to do any of the above. They just want you to join their business, without any reason. And this is the main reason 97% of them fail during their first 6 months to 1 year.

To your success,

Evan Dimitrakopoulos

Skype: vagelis.dimitrakopoulos
Email: evan@evandimitrakopoulos.com

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